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Yes, protein is good for children! Though you won't want to feed them a whole bag at a time, whey protein in moderation is great for helping kids hit the right amount of protein they need in a day.

Looking for healthy or fun options? Go check out our Instagram page @wake_up_waffles or blog!

Absolutely! Replacing the water with milk has no effect on the flavor but adds more protein and calcium.

Our mix does not have any added sugar but has a very small amount of saturated fat due to the butter powder used. This won’t be in all of our products once we expand into other flavors!

Our allergens include dairy and almond flour. Our almond flour doesn’t cross contaminate into the blending equipment for our original flavors but it is processed within the facility for our keto version.

Original Buttermilk 4 points

Original Choco Cake 3 points

Keto Buttermilk 6 points

All of our products are gluten free! We are currently working on our certification. We do use non-GMO ingredients but are not certified by the non-GMO Project. Our products are not Kosher.

Yes! If you are a retail location please check out our wholesale section for more information.

Yes! Check out our blog or Instagram for recipe ideas.

If your pancakes happen to be looking a little flat you may have added too much water. We have found that all measuring cups are slightly different which can effect the batter along with the amount of mixed used. For the most accurate pancakes it is best to weigh out the mix. It should be the same consistency as regular pancake mix! 

There are 6 servings in a bag. One serving is ½ C (not packed) or a 50g-55g measurement (depending on flavor). We suggest using a scale to measure out your perfect serving!

This completely depends on how YOU like to enjoy them! Typically the recommended water to mix amount will make about 2 waffles, 3 pancakes or 3 muffins. Adding more or less water for thinner or thicker pancakes can change the amount made.


Unfortunately we can’t ship internationally, but we are working with UPS to figure out a way!

All shipping will be through UPS and the post office, technically Surepost. This means UPS picks it up and brings it to your local post office, from there USPS will deliver to you. We can except PO boxes.Once processed delivery takes between 2-7 business days depending on your location in relation to NY.

Orders are processed within 2 business days, once processed shipping may take 2-7 business days depending on your location. *Business days include Monday-Friday and do not include holidays.

If you have provided us with an incorrect address please email us immediately to fix it. We will not be responsible for replacing an order when provided with an incorrect address. If you are not receiving updates you may have provided the wrong email or they’re going to spam. Please email us so we can fix it!

Sometimes the post office likes to give us a hard time and say a package is delivered but they often don't deliver it until the next day. If this happens please wait until the following day to see if it arrives, if not shoot us an email!

If there is an issue with your delivery please email us within 3 days with the details! Please note that once your order is shipped we do not have control of the speed or what happens to the package while in the carriers possession.  We will do our best to handle the situation!


    We do! All of our discounts and sales will be announced on our social media platforms and through our emails. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @wake_up_waffles or on Facebook, and subscribe to our email updates for the best offers!

    We don’t currently have an ambassador program set up but we will make sure to let everyone know once we do!

    We have unfortunately had to pause all of the pre-made waffles. Through our process we’ve faced some difficult decisions with scaling up. Our most recent; to make a switch with production or sell the company. In the best interest of our customers and business we have decided to switch to the mixes! They are now more affordable, include free shipping and we can expand to even more flavors. Though we are bummed about losing the convenience of the pre-mades, they won't be gone forever. We will work tirelessly to bring them back bigger, better, and without compromises.

    We have found that many of our customers have stopped using the program. We've decided to remove it from our site and start working on a subscription service to help our customers save every time!

    Food items cannot be returned or resold due to safety regulations. If there is a physical issue with your order please email us with the details.

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