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Building It Up

Nicole and I (Keegan) started making our high protein waffles over three years ago when we were first beginning our fitness journeys.

We still wanted to have all the fun of delicious breakfast foods but most pancake, waffle, or french toast options are packed with sugar.

We needed an easier, healthier, faster option. That's when Wake Up Waffles were born.

We started this company baking, shipping and providing our customers with our own pre-made waffles. We baked and baked and baked for a year and half with amazing support from our #wafflefam!

Through this we faced some difficult decisions with scaling up; make a switch with production or sell the company. In the interest of the quality of our product and our commitment to the #wafflefam we decided to make the hard decision and switch our product line.

We now offer High Protein Just-Add-Water mixes to provide a higher quality product at a lower price! With this change we are now capable of expanding to more flavors and creating new and exciting products. Though we are bummed about losing the convenience of the pre-mades, they won't be gone forever. We will work tirelessly to bring them back bigger, better, and without compromises.

We appreciate all of the customers that have supported us through all of our changes and can’t wait to see what recipes and reactions everyone has!

Mixing It Up

We currently offer three types of mix; Original Choco Cake, Original Buttermilk and Keto Buttermilk. Each of these flavors can be made into pancakes, waffles and more! Just add water, mix and bake. Though these are our first new flavors we have plenty lined up so keep your eyes open!
All of our nutritional facts and ingredients can be found under each product in the shop section. *Please note each product contains dairy and is blended in a facility that processes almond flour. *

Gluten Free

Contains Milk

Facility Contains Almonds

Eating It Up

Once your order is placed it will be processed within 2 business days. Each order will ship through UPS and USPS and should be delivered within 2- 5 business days. Since our items are no longer perishable there is no worry about freezing them upon arrival or sitting in the summer heat. Once delivered, enjoy or store for another day. Don’t forget to snap a pic and tag us on Instagram or Facebook!